What is a foreign trade zone? If you’re not in the industry, understanding the complexities of a foreign trade zone can be a challenge. FTZ 31 needed an explainer video to educate and attract manufacturing businesses to their zone. Silverback took on the challenge wholeheartedly from script to delivery. We literally transport the viewer across land, water, and air on a 2D animated video journey explaining the benefits a foreign trade zone offers to manufacturers–which can make a HUGE impact on their bottom line! Don’t believe us, just watch the video!

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Video Trivia: Silverback was delighted to also craft the logo design for Foreign Trade Zone 31.

Foreign Trade Zone 31 (America’s Central Port)


Foreign Trade Zone 31, also known as America’s Central Port, helps streamline product imports for both small manufacturers and multinational corporations. This helps the company’s cash flow, reducing production costs and increasing overall profit margins.

Project Requirements

America’s Central Port was looking to create an animated video to educate and market to a general audience and potential customers. The video was to be based on materials provided by America’s Central Port to showcase what FTZ 31 is, how it works and the benefits. They also wanted a new animated 3D logo, graphics package that matched FTZ 31 branding and a 3D animated sequence showing the FTZ process.


Silverback worked with Foreign Trade Zone 31 (America’s Central Port) to discuss video scripts, storyboards, voice over narration, as well as developing a new logo for foreign trade zone 31 to use in print, video and animation. Silverback’s in-house animation and motion graphics department followed the approved storyboards and script to create all of the elements needed for the video. The final product was a five minute informational video detailing the Foreign Trade Zone process as well as detailing what the benefits of importing through a Foreign Trade Zone are.

Services Provided


  • Logo Development/Design
  • Script Writing
  • Storyboarding


  • Produced
  • Directed
  • Creation of Graphics
  • Animating Graphics


  • Digital Video Editing
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Color Correction
  • Voice Over Recording
  • Sound Mix & Master