Nobody listens to what they can't hear. Good audio is essential. One of the most obvious signs a video was produced cheaply or unprofessionally is the audio quality.

If it's too quiet, too loud, scratchy, full of static, hollow or peaks and dives at random—the message doesn't stand a chance. Capturing audio and arranging it accurately in the mix during post-production requires an experienced audio technician.

Audio Production Services

Silverback Creative Solutions Group offers end-to-end audio production services to create powerful, professional audio for your marketing and advertising needs.

What Do Our Audio Production Services Include?

We specialize in two key areas of audio production:

Voice Over Production

Our experienced voice over talent can dramatically bring your content to life across applications like:

  • Radio/podcast ads
  • Explainer videos
  • Training materials
  • On-hold messages

Narrations We handle voice casting, direction, recording, editing and mixing.

Music Production Services

Original music is a powerful way to engage customers and reinforce branding. Our team of accomplished composers, musicians and sound engineers craft completely custom music scores and songs for video, ads, on-hold and more.

The Audio Production Process

We follow a professional audio production process to deliver amazing end results:

  1. Creative Development: First we focus on strategic message development and creative ideas for scripting.
  2. Talent Casting: Next we leverage our network to cast the ideal voice or music talent for your unique needs.
  3. Recording and Editing: Then our engineers get to work guiding and recording voice-over and music tracks before expertly editing together the final assets.
  4. Mixing and Mastering: Finally, we put on the polish by mixing in sound design elements and mastering audio for flawless playback across applications.


Our audio production studio in St. Louis, MO boasts a state-of-the-art audio recording and mixing suite equipped with tools for our audio professionals. The walls are built with specialty materials, that are the equivalent of 10 sheets of drywall, to minimize outside noise and maximize recording quality. There's no better place to hear yourself or your spokesperson talk.



Whether it's placing a lavalier microphone for an in-depth interview, rigging a field microphone over the home team bleachers or extending a boom microphone as far as it will go, Silverback's audio engineers with design an audio production solution that fits the unique needs of your project. We do audio recording, mixing, and mastering for several different mediums including but not limited to:

  • Interviews
  • Sound effects
  • Radio spots
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts
  • Voiceovers
  • Descriptive video services (including 508 scripting)
  • Live events


Contact Silverback Creative Solutions Group for Audio Production Services

Let our creative pros handle the entire audio production process so you can focus on promoting your powerful new audio assets. Learn more about our audio production services today and contact us!