Knowing the facts is important. This is a fact. Organizations across many different industries deploy some form of training for employees, staff, volunteers and customers. It's also a fact that 98% of organizations use video as a key element of their overall training program. That’s why Silverback Video is fully equipped to handle your training video production.

Training Video Production Services

Silverback Creative Solutions Group specializes in producing dynamic training videos that inform, educate, and inspire your employees or customers. Unlike the typically boring and forgettable corporate videos, our creative pros utilize proven techniques to craft content that viewers actually enjoy watching and retain through professional training video production services.

Thorough Process for Maximum Impact

Our tailored training video process includes:

  1. Defining goals/KPIs
  2. Identifying target learner profiles
  3. Outlining curriculum
  4. Maximizing information retention
  5. Planning an engaging format (live action, animation, etc.)
  6. Interactive elements if applicable
  7. Distributing through the right channels

Getting Exceptional Results

With interesting content, quality production, and distribution mastery, our training videos consistently drive results through:

  • Boosting learner engagement/enjoyment
  • Improving information comprehension and recall
  • Higher post-video test scores
  • Increased learner confidence
  • Quicker skill application

Trusted By Leading Companies

We’ve produced incredible training videos for organizations of all sizes including:

  • Fortune 500 corporations
  • Non-profits
  • Tech unicorns
  • Schools
  • Healthcare systems
  • Countless small businesses


Our e-learning and training video production  work as an interactive way to retain important information.

Some proven benefits of video learning and training videos include:

  • Retention: Users remember what they learned longer
  • Engagement: Video is the most popular digital content
  • Efficiency: Create new opportunities for experts/instructors
  • Scale: One video goes a long way
  • Optimized for mobile: 74% of people use personal devices for e-learning
  • Brand consistency: Your logo, your message, your overall strategy
  • Standard experience: Better tracking for clear results


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