Animated Video Production

At Silverback Creative Solutions Group, we are experts in producing animated videos designed to connect with your audience and drive results. Our custom animation video production services are made to help you communicate complex ideas, promote your business, and deliver your messages in a way that resonates.


Our Animated Video Production Services

  • 2D Animated Videos

This uses traditional techniques for creating motion graphics and basic animations that are both effective and visually appealing.

  • 3D Animated Videos

This offers a more sophisticated experience with three-dimensional objects and life-like animation. 3D animation is ideal for product promotion and educational content.

Benefits of Animated Video Production

Animated videos offer a great way to engage your audience. As experienced business animation makers, we've seen firsthand the impact of animation across businesses of all sizes. Here are some key advantages:

  • Engagement
  • Customization
  • Versatility
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Simplification

Our 3-Step Animated Video Success Plan

To ensure the success of your animated video, we follow a three-step plan:

  • Story and Strategy

We begin by understanding your target audience, objectives, and key messaging to come up with the best approach for your video.

  • Custom Animation Production

Our animators bring your concept to life and handle everything from scripting to the final production.

  • Optimization for Exposure

We use SEO techniques and distribution strategies to maximize your video’s reach and engagement across multiple platforms.


2D Animation - Think character animations, explanation videos, commercial spots, video infographics and more

3D Animation - Think product spotlights, logo animations, interior design, medical education, architectural renderings and more


Our demo reel is a collection of our best 2D and 3D work as a 3D animation company. As talented as our producers and directors

may be, not everything is visible to the naked eye or the camera lens. Today's technology brings the power

of the pixel you're used to seeing in Hollywood blockbusters. We can create 3D models of people, animals,

vehicles, products, architecture and CG environments. Our capabilities bridge the valley separating reality

and the mind's eye, whether it's a 3D rendering of your logo or a photo-realistic gorilla.


Why Choose Silverback Creative Solutions Group for Animated Video Production?

Choosing our company means partnering with a leader in animated video production. With years of experience in marketing animations, we bring a depth of expertise that sets us apart. Our in-house writing team and Emmy Award-winning artists ensure the best production quality in every project. We focus on creating animations that are engaging and optimized for quality performance. 

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Leveraging the Power of Story with Silverback Creative Solutions Group’s Animated Video Production Services

Storytelling is at the heart of effective marketing videos that captivate attention and inspire action. Our experts help craft your authentic brand story and charter the narrative arc for maximum resonance and results with animated video production services. Let us show you the extraordinary power animated video can have for your brand!

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