CRIO is a printer designed to inspire and unleash users’ creativity. With its straight paper path, it makes for easy and low maintenance printing.

Project requirements

CRIO approached us with a major project that included producing a total of 5 videos as well as creating fully animated 3D Models of the two printers they wanted to showcase. Videos Included 2 unboxing and set up videos, a fully 3D animated trailer to show off the printers, and a video showing each printer in real life situations.


Silverback started by building 3D models of both printers from scratch and animating them for portions of the videos. Our production crew then proceeded to shoot unboxing and set up videos for each printer. Other videos include a full product trailer complete with the 3D animated models, and showcasing the printers in real life situations, including a home office, as well as a warehouse environment, which was shot on location at an activewear facility where they screen print different products including clothing.

Services Provided


  • 3D Modeling/Animation
  • Script Writing
  • Casting 
  • Location Scouting


  • Produced
  • Directed
  • Shot


  • Voice-Over Recording
  • Editing of all 5 videos
  • Sound Mix & Master