Have you finally decided to create a video for your business? If so, you may be wondering how the whole process will work. If you are concerned about writing the check and having the next thing you see be the finished video, know that there are plenty of places in the process to give approvals and make revisions if necessary.


There are several things that are done in pre-production before the cameras start rolling.

Determine a Budget

The first step will be determining a budget for your video. Every company has different needs, and there is not a single budget that works for all production types. A producer will walk you through the production and post-production options that best meet your needs.

For instance, you can cut back on your production costs by shooting an interview-style video with only one camera instead of two.

Create Scripts and Storyboards

Even unscripted videos have a script that takes the form of an outline listing elements that are going to be shot. This will be your opportunity to approve video content, since making changes now will be much easier than after production has wrapped.

Storyboards can range from drawn storyboards to tone boards that use still images of shots pulled from other reference material. It gives you a general idea of how the video will be laid out from start to finish, and helps ensure that no shot is missed during production.

For graphic elements, you may even see options for different style frames of what the finished animation will look like. These are just still frames rather than fully animated sections of video, which give you a chance to provide early feedback on the direction of the animated work.


The production of your video will be tightly coordinated with a production team. Talent, camera operators, gaffers, directors, producers, and sound operators will all come together to create what you discussed in pre-production.

Plan to be on location during the shoot to give feedback as production occurs. What happens on production day will largely determine the look and feel of your video.


The post-production process is where everything comes together, though it does take time to perfect the vision of the video to completion.


While many decisions have already been made to get your video to this point, you will have the opportunity to make minor adjustments to the video through rounds of revisions. Be aware that it is not common to have unlimited rounds of revisions, but you should have enough chances at key points through the process so the video meets your satisfaction.


With most of the pieces in place, your video project will move on to the finishing stage. Now is when color correction occurs, final voice over is recorded, high quality renders of animations are exported, and the audio track is given a final mix.

After the video is finished, deliverables are created. Depending on your needs, this could be a high quality MP4 for YouTube, a high-quality master for broadcast that is sent out to stations, or maybe a special Blu Ray disc that is designed to loop for a trade show.

Every video is different and requires unique steps to get from start to finish. While this is just an overview of what you can expect, the experts at Silverback will work with you on specific details regarding your multimedia needs. It’s our job to be there with you every step of the way.

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