A company video is a highly effective way to market your business because videos are able to connect with people on multiple levels. To have a truly successful promotional video, though, you must first have a story that people identify with. If you’re planning on promoting your business through video, here are some places you might find inspiration for a powerful story.


Where Your Business Came From

Many businesses have a rich history that can be crafted into a moving story. For small businesses, this is often the story of challenges the owner overcame or passion they have for their industry. For larger companies that are more established, this is sometimes a multi-generational story of how the company’s been around for years.

Mine your own personal history and your business history for anything that people might find moving. Some things to think about include:

  • What led you to start your business
  • How you overcame business-related obstacles
  • How long your business has been operating
  • What secrets and techniques your business uses (e.g. an old family recipe or an ancient building technique)

Any of these might spark a narrative that people connect with. Even if the historical tidbits you think of aren’t enough to base an entire video on, they can often still be incorporated into a video to add depth and intrigue.


How Your Business’ Products or Services Are Used

If there’s a moving story related to your business’ products or services, this is almost certainly something you’ll want to share. A moving video about a product or service not only will get people’s attention, but it’s also easy to segue into a call to action for the product or service.

Not every company has an outstanding story about the products or services they offer. For instance, a bolt manufacturer will have a hard time creating a heart-wrenching video about their bolts. Many businesses, however, don’t realize how interesting the stories surrounding their products and services are. Here are a few examples of potentially moving stories:

  • A stuffed animal may comfort a child struggling with terminal illness
  • A pet chip may have helped a dog owner locate their lost puppy
  • A cafe may have been the meeting spot for a couple who are now getting married
  • An ice cream stand may have served a child their very first ice cream cone

Some of these stories are unusual, but most businesses have an interesting or uncommon story about their products or services. If your business has been around for at least a few years and served enough customers, there’s undoubtedly some interesting anecdote that people would be interested in. It could make a great video.


How Your Business Helps the Community

It’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to support charitable causes and the community at large. Sometimes it’s done through official company endeavors, and other times it’s accomplished by supporting an employee’s individual effort. In either case, this type of work involves a business creating a positive impact to on community — and that’s something that can be promoted.

If your business has helped support a local cause or given back to the community in any way, the work could be a natural story for a video. In addition to a moving story, you’ll also be able to:

  • Share why the business chose to help in the particular way that it did
  • Have employees tell what the experience was like
  • Ask people whom your business helped to explain how they were positively impacted

With a great story and several perspectives, you have the ingredients for a wonderful video.

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