Recommendations for fighting the coronavirus make in-person events difficult. Let’s figure it out.
How do you bring everyone together if you can’t? A virtual event with live streaming video.
Virtual events are the solution. Streaming your event live creates an opportunity to engage your audience with custom digital content. That’s essential, whether you’re using familiar social platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo Live, Twitch, Zoom or Skype, or the enterprise solution you’ve already put in place.
Fortunately, Silverback can help. This is a test our team has studied our entire careers to pass—and we’re ready to work with you. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, our team has honed our live production strategies to work smarter and safer.

Live Ceremony

The 2020 graduating class at Granite City High School deserved their big moment. While some schools and universities chose to cancel their graduations, Silverback collaborated with the administration at GCHS to create a socially-distanced ceremony. Portions of the program were pre-recorded for the stream. The result? Every student’s name appeared as they crossed the stage to receive their diploma. That matters.

Live Sports

Don’t think chess is a sport? You’ve never seen one of Silverback’s streaming events produced in partnership with the St. Louis Chess Club. Now, the players, commentators and production crew all work remotely. We switch live video feeds from our commentators’ in-home studios, feeds from players around the world, and feeds from their digital chess boards to create a fast-paced, ESPN-style chess show. The result? An increase in viewership and a strong global community of chess fans.

Live Performance

Theatrical and musical performances fit the bill for live streaming production. In one day, our team captured a high school’s staging of Disney’s Cinderella. To augment the footage, our animation team added special effects to help bring the magic to life. The result: a charming keepsake for the student performers, whose hard work would never have been seen otherwise.


The solution is virtual

Our team can bring our virtual live event streaming production expertise to bear for any live event.

Trade Shows
Training / Instruction
Galas / Fundraisers
Studio Space for Events
Facebook Live, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Zoom, Skype
Video: The solution within the solution

Our Video Production and Animation & Graphics teams are a key part of our live event streaming services.

3D Virtual Sets
3D Show Booth Designs
Video Scripting
Post-Production Support
Graphics Package Design and Animation

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