This holiday season, we’re thankful for happy customers, a productive year, and the opportunity help new customers grow as video partners. We wanted to wish all our customers—past, present, and future—season’s greetings with a company holiday video.


The Silverback team decided to create a company holiday video message to wish our customers a happy holiday… and to show some personality!

Nope, these are not actors. This company video combines actual Silverback team members with motion graphics and 3D animation. Despite our kooky appearances, this bunch holds decades of experience in video production. From producers, directors, videographers, designers, animators, marketers, and engineers, we work together seamlessly on all different kinds of video projects for our customers. And we enjoy what we do!

We wanted to show our camaraderie with a simple holiday wish. In addition, it gave our editors and animators an opportunity to work on a silly video for ourselves. (We all certainly got a good, jolly laugh out of the experience.) Though simple, this holiday concept was written, produced, directed, shot, designed, edited, animated, sound engineered, and reviewed before the final was ready to go.

For us, creating this holiday video was a breeze. It’s what we do. But we know it can be challenging for companies without video production experience and resources. In addition, our approach this year is just one way to do a company holiday video. Here are a few tips and ideas to consider:

Simple “Happy Holiday” Wish

First, there’s the most common kind of holiday video: The Season’s Greetings message. For a direct approach, try wishing your customers a “Happy Holidays” with a message spoken from your CEO, Board of Directors, or whole team! Send as an ecard, share on social, or upload for your YouTube subscribers.

Show Your Company History

Next, you could take this opportunity to reflect on what made your company what it is today. Use video to show the people, the places, the first product, perhaps. Meld together a slideshow of old photos with current beauty shots of the current company headquarters. This kind of video is a great way to show the development of your corporate culture or reinforce your brand strength.

Another idea is to share your year in review. You don’t have to dig all the way to your roots, you can dig as far as January to highlight successes through the year. Maybe your target audience is your own team for your upcoming holiday party. Celebrate your achievements together.

Engage Your Employees

There’s nothing like the holiday spirit to build morale among your employees. Include them in the actual video, or even in the brainstorm process for video ideas. Bring out their creativity, because they know your company from the inside. The whole process can be a great team-builder. (And if your team doesn’t feel creative, we can help. It’s what we do!)

Offer Your Customers a Special Holiday Deal

Your customers love your products and services. Use a holiday video to announce an exclusive discount to thank customers for their loyalty with more of what they love.

Tell a Story with an Animated Short

Express brand values or simply entertain your audience with an animated short produced by your company. Maybe you’d like to express your own take on A Christmas Carol. Or tell an inventive story on the origins of your company.

Watch Silverback’s “Spreading Holiday Cheer” short from last year for an example. Through it, we were able to showcase our storytelling, character animation, and creativity in an entertaining original short film.

Always Choose Sincerity

Last, we wanted to share a final thought. No matter how you choose express your company holiday video message, be sincere. It’s the holidays, after all. This is the time to reflect, be thankful, and give to those who are important to us—be they employees, customers, family, or friends.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about video or project ideas you’d like to discuss. Consultations are a gift… they don’t cost a thing to you. Give Silverback a call at 866.828.8384 or contact us to schedule yours today.

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