Put the selfie stick away and really think about your next post on social media. Social media offers an instant way to connect with potential customers, but your business can really thrive with a little planning.

Videos are great ways to promote your business, but they shouldn’t be done on your phone. By consulting and working with a professional video production company, your social media posts can stand out and properly represent your branding.

There are multiple methods you can use to create proper social media videos, and learning about them can help you brainstorm and collaborate with professionals who will help you along the way. Social media can help you expand your business and connect directly with your customer base.

Branding Through Media

Posting a random video clip is one thing, but using a professional video company can really help expand your branding. Once a video is planned and recorded, the real magic happens in the editing process. This is where branding can really kick in for multiple aspects of the video.

The music bed of the video can feature happy and inviting music which really helps keep a viewer’s interest. The motion graphics used in the video can showcase your brand’s colors, logos and style. For example, if you sell a retro clothing line, the color tones and graphics can match this theme. If you’re a tech-based company, then the graphics will likely have a sleek, smooth, modern style.

Through editing, branding can also be shown using title sequences. A quick logo flash and intro add a professional touch to the video. This, in turn, helps elevate the video to the next level and removes the amateur instant post aspect.

Scroll and Go Videos

A lot of video content on social media is taken in short bursts. People riding in taxis, going on public transportation or even using the bathroom are looking for a quick way to kill a little time. This is why a lot of emphasis should be placed on scroll and go videos. These videos will typically be less than a minute in length and provide quick entertainment for people watching.

As you plan scroll and go videos, it’s a good idea to have a series planned out. This way, you can have multiple videos created at one time by a video production company. Then you have the option of staggering your release dates, and you’ll also have plenty of content to choose from.

A professional video company can help create scroll and go videos people will watch the entire duration of using quick edits, close-up shots and graphics to draw in the viewer’s attention. Depending on the location, a lot of these videos may be watched without sound. A production company can render easy-to-read subtitles and engaging text graphics to keep all types of viewers glued to the screen.

Seasonal Videos

As you plan business videos on social media, it’s important to include the various seasons. It will help the videos feel fresh and can supply a great source of interest to your company.

Around the holiday season, you can infuse holiday traditions, graphics and music into the videos. A production company often has a set where you can set up holiday decorations or record videos on a green screen backdrop that gets replaced by a festive holiday background.

Even if videos just feature an employee talking, professional holiday-themed videos can really help increase the engagement factor. This will keep viewers interested, help expand the comments and allow the video to get shared across multiple social media platforms. These videos can not only apply to various holidays but also seasonal changes like winter and summer.

Our process at Silverback provides full-on production services from the pre-production stage all the way to video delivery.

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