You can use training video production for different reasons, such as reteaching, welcoming new employees, and answering employee queries. Instead of interrupting busy schedules, team members can simply watch corporate training videos to get what they need. We at Silverback Creative Solutions Group go over several reasons why training video production is beneficial and what the process looks like in this blog.

Why Businesses Choose to Create Training Videos

Efficient Use of Resources

Video training offers a significant advantage: you make a single payment for a resource that remains available for an extended period. Videos are versatile, allowing you to adapt and add new content as your company evolves. It can greatly shorten the time needed to train a new employee.

Track Employee Progress

Not only does training video production provide an efficient method to train your employees, but it also simplifies tracking whether your employees have completed video training. Analytics can quickly tell you if a user watched the entire video. In contrast, it’s challenging to know if an employee read an entire manual of standard operating procedures with text-based training.

Stay Consistent

Training videos make sure that all franchise branches train their employees in the same way, following a high standard. This helps maintain consistency in service quality across all branches. When everyone uses the same videos for training, it ensures that all employees have the same knowledge and skills. No matter which franchise branch customers visit, they’ll get a consistent level of service and quality. This is great for the brand’s reputation and makes the whole franchise work more efficiently.

What the Training Video Production Process Looks Like

Choosing Your Audience

Training video production companies begin by outlining their plan for creating a training video. The production process is straightforward: identify your target audience and determine the key information you want them to learn.

Selecting the Type of Training Video

You can offer a range of training videos to your employees. Training video production services can create videos on various topics, whether they’re simple or complex. Some useful video ideas for your company could be safety videos, industry news, instructional videos, educational videos, e-learning, or an animated explainer.

Storyboarding and Scriptwriting

The pre-production phase involves creating a storyboard, writing a script, and deciding on a location if needed. The storyboard can be as basic as hand-drawn sketches or screenshots. This stage also depends on the type of training video you have chosen for your employees. Any details you can offer to influence the visual style and content of your video are valuable.

Editing the Video

In corporate training video production, the editing of the video, addition of music, voiceover narration, and special effects take place. Once post-production is complete, the final product is prepared for distribution.


Once post-production is finished, the training video is ready for all your company’s employees to watch immediately.

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