Social media video marketing is on the rise, with 75% of executives watching work-related videos weekly. If you’re a business owner, you aim to reach decision-makers in your target audience, establish your brand’s online reputation, and convert impressions into results. With its high return on investment, video content should be the foundation of your social media marketing. Our creative agency tells you four reasons to invest in a social media video marketing plan.

1.    Higher Social Media Shares

Video content on social media is incredibly shareable, with a 1200% higher likelihood of being shared compared to plain text and images. This happens because videos make your brand more relatable and involve viewers using multiple senses, which helps them remember the content for weeks.

To boost sharing, you can integrate sharing buttons into your content. Several tools can make these buttons follow users as they scroll through your page. Also, keep your videos reasonably short. The ideal length varies by video type, but most successful social media marketing videos are under two minutes.

2.    Search Engine Optimization

Content plays a crucial role in SEO, but to use its full potential, you need a modern approach. Leading brands today recognize the importance of a multimedia content strategy for SEO, particularly when optimizing visual content.

When it comes to SEO for videos, like those on YouTube, there are several strategies to consider. Optimizing titles and descriptions is vital. Avoid generic titles and provide accurate descriptions. You also want to incorporate title cards and captions within your video to enhance SEO visibility. You should also include video transcripts, which are searchable by Google and other search engines.

3.    Various Engaging Content Types

When you think of “video content,” it’s not just about a play button on a video player. Consider these ideas to make your brand’s visual content engaging:

360-degree videos: Showcase your physical location, be it an office, construction site, or factory, with panoramic videos for an immersive experience.

Animations: Bring your infographics to life through animated explainer videos.

Virtual reality (VR): Dive into truly immersive experiences with VR videos.

Apart from visual styles, you can also explore live streaming. It’s an excellent way to complement polished video content and provide an insider’s view of your company, adding a dynamic touch to your brand.

4.    Mobile-Friendly Method

Mobile devices have taken center stage in online content engagement. YouTube sees a 100% yearly rise in video consumption, driven by this trend. Google’s research shows mobile users engage more with branded content, including video sharing and viewing.

Failing to make your website and social media content mobile-friendly could cost you a significant portion of your audience. To optimize videos for mobile, ensure they adapt to various screen sizes. While YouTube automatically optimizes videos, embedding them on your site may need some basic coding skills to ensure a consistently pleasing viewing experience for your customers. This is where a creative agency can step in and help.

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