First, what is small cell technology? Small cells are like mini cell sites that can be placed where they’re needed most. They serve small areas in communities—think a few city blocks—with flexible, inconspicuous equipment.

AT&T makes it possible to blend technology with life in a small community. Festus, Missouri is a perfect example. The inconspicuous small cell equipment enable the city to keep the charm of its historic main street while increasing network capacity, bringing faster data speeds, and improving call quality. This technology boost effects not only residents, but also businesses and visitors, alike.

Silverback wove the story together using real Festus locals, live action video production, drone footage, and 3D animation. It was important to show the community benefits to exhibit AT&T’s commitment to investing in Missouri to bring the latest technology to their consumers.

Video Trivia: This video features nearly all local Festus talent!

AT&T – (Small Cell Project)


AT&T is a telecommunications company that reaches worldwide. More specifically in regards to this project they were wanting to showcase ‘Small Cells’ as a way to provide better cell service to smaller, more rural areas. 

Project Requirements

Silverback was tasked with making a video showcasing AT&T Small Cells, which is a simple solution for providing better and faster cell service in smaller areas where previous service may have been spotty.


Silverback worked to create a script that told the story of these Small Cells and what they provide for customers, which is faster and more reliable cell service in smaller, more rural counties. Silverback produced, directed and shot an informational video that details what Small Cells are and what they provide for AT&T customers. This project included shooting b-roll, interviews with AT&T executives as well as recording voice over for the video as a whole. The final product was a two and a half minute informational video detailing to the audience what Small Cells are and what they can do in areas where cell service may have previously been unreliable.

Services Provided


  • Script Writing
  • Location Scouting


  • Produced
  • Directed
  • Shot


  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Voice Over Recording
  • Sound Mix & Master