One of the initial and pivotal choices you’ll encounter when launching your business is selecting the ideal creative agency for your company’s video advertising, marketing, or branding needs. Opting for the right video production and creative agency ensures collaboration with an established and reputable company that will execute your project in line with predetermined specifications.

But how do you locate a team that not only comprehends your industry but also consistently delivers tangible outcomes? Silverback Creative Solutions Group goes over six steps to take when choosing the best creative agency.

Outline Your Goals Early

Are you looking to enhance brand recognition through a launch campaign, direct-response commercials, or out-of-home advertising? Take into account your primary key performance indicators (KPIs) and advertising channels and create a clear statement of purpose outlining your expectations. Establish your objectives upfront, and this proactive approach will lead to greater success. Your creative agency is well-equipped to assist you throughout this process at every stage.


It’s difficult to have all the perfect connections and skills to achieve every goal. Collaborating with the ideal creative agency is akin to dating; you seek someone who aligns with your vision, adds a fresh perspective, and is committed to investing the time and effort needed for success.

Ask the Agency How They Work

Various agencies adopt distinct work approaches. For specific projects, some opt to enlist external freelancers or additional staff for rapid scalability. Conversely, others exclusively rely on their in-house resources, irrespective of project demands. Furthermore, there are agencies that maintain frequent client interaction throughout all project stages, while others prefer setting milestones and then retreating until it’s time to deliver results. To understand an agency’s operational style, the most effective approach is to inquire directly.

Do Your Homework

Start by thoroughly researching and seeking recommendations within your network to identify top-tier agencies that align with your industry, company size, and campaign type. It’s essential to do your due diligence, as not all agencies will be a suitable match for your needs or theirs if you skip this initial step.

Look for Full-Service Creative Agencies

As previously mentioned, creative agencies may not possess direct experience within your industry, potentially leading to challenges when creating marketing materials without prior consultation. One effective workaround is to collaborate with partners offering comprehensive capabilities or the ability to outsource specialized aspects they lack in-house. For instance, if you’re a real estate agency in need of video production, and your creative partner lacks expertise in this area, they can source a proficient company for the task.

Consistent Check-ins

Once you’ve selected a creative agency, it becomes crucial to establish regular communication checkpoints to ensure they align with your needs and expectations. Maintaining ongoing contact with the agency and its team, whether through weekly check-in calls or biweekly status updates, is a vital component of effective teamwork.

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