Traditional commercial spots are not a thing of the past. Have you considered all the options for your next commercial?

Think about what you remember from the last commercial you saw. Is it the visuals, the story, the actors? Was there a moment that made you laugh, or cry? The next time you interact with that product, service or company, will you know how to learn more?

Another question: where do you see commercials? Local TV commercials remain a viable investment because they can be re-purposed and re-used across any digital marketing platform—Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, your website, your e-mail newsletters…Posting your latest spot across platforms gives you a better chance of reaching your customers where they seek content that matters to them.

The full-service video team at Silverback includes producers, directors, writers, designers, animators and editors—and they’re ready to work on your next commercial production. In St. Louis, we’ve had the chance to work with some exciting clients. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your next commercial.


Live local

The value of local cannot be underestimated. Grounding your audience in a familiar place sets your commercial apart from the generic Big City or “Anywhere, USA” feeling many commercial producers explode their budgets to create.

Our client had a better idea. For a regional TV campaign promoting the Lou Fusz family of car dealerships, Silverback selected local landmarks—the Arch, Forest Park, Ted Drewe’s Frozen Custard—for Lou Fusz vehicles to appear alongside. We coordinated crew, locations, vehicles and talent to shoot beautiful on-location footage that now appears in traditional :10, :15 and :30 commercial spots that bring “We Are St. Louis” to life.


Go viral

We don’t need this article from the Wall Street Journal to validate our experience. Unlike national brands, small or local businesses have the flexibility to be goofy, unconventional, or downright bizarre. Sometimes schtick is what sticks.

Silverback produced a 90-second web commercial for Clear Auto Bra, a car protection service in St. Louis. If you never thought 1970s deadbeats, neolithic peoples and a McClaren could (or should) appear in the same commercial, prepare to have your mind blown. The spot exceeded Clear Auto Bra’s expectations, receiving 40K views and engaging customers with madcap absurdity on Facebook, YouTube and


Get animated

The local and viral approaches distinguish your commercial from the pack. Animation works the same way. Our designers can create custom characters, and our animators can make them move in ways you never imagined.

To promote their consumer banking services, GCS Credit Union needed a series of commercial spots. Instead of pursuing a traditional bank commercial, with shots of the branch lobbies, tellers working with customers, and loan managers making dreams come true, GCS worked with Silverback’s graphics team to write, design, and animate spots featuring original characters. All the relevant messaging is conveyed, with a fun look to match GCS’s reputation as a hometown credit union.



Shoot for tomorrow

Car dealerships always need shots of cars. If your business is clothing, chances are you’ll be updating your commercials for the latest line. When planning your commercial production, think about the next two campaigns. What images will you need? Can you swap out a special offer code or a promotional URL to keep your spot current? Knowing what images tell your story will guide your planning and help maximize what you spend on commercial production.

Manor Grove, a long-term nursing facility, offers residents a unique turn-of-the-century building to call home, complimented by a well-trained healthcare staff. Our client designed a dozen different scenes for us to shoot, expecting that any scenes not used for the :30 spot could be used for future commercials. The key was to capture the atmosphere offered at Manor Grove.



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