When you think of animation, you probably first think of the big screen. From the emergence of Pixar’s Toy Story in 1995 to the promise of the new Avatar movie (scheduled for release in 2020), the technology has come a long way.

Animation is not just for entertainment on the big screen, anymore. It is an accessible tool for your marketing toolbelt. Don’t miss out on another of its important functions: advertisement. Animated video can connect on a personal level with viewers, conveying your message while keeping your audience engaged.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider animated video to reach your customers.

1. It’s More Engaging than Other Advertisement Mediums

Let’s face it, people—including your customers—love to watch animation. Animated videos are often better at attracting customers than written content like web pages and brochures. Many people won’t take the time to read through an entire written advertisement, but are willing to watch an entertaining video. Whether you’re creating a 3D character or taking the viewer inside the technology of your product, the creative possibilities of an animated video are endless.
Along with attracting customers, an animated video improves your business branding. It will help people see your company as creative and engaging rather than dry and dull.
Even if viewers don’t immediately buy your products or services, they’ll at least now be able to recognize your business name and logo—and they may become customers in the future.

2. It Appeals to a Wide Range of People

Today, people of all ages and backgrounds spend their free time online and on social media. These people are always looking for something new and will be quickly engaged by a video on your website.

After all, animated video has universal appeal. It engages with the audience not only through their sense of sight, but through their sense of hearing as well. Think of it as a multi-sensory experience. Draw your target market in with a clever, well planned animated video message using the latest 2D or 3D animation.

3. Increases Your Online Presence

Did you know that the longer people stay on your website, the higher it ranks on Google? If you don’t have a video on your website, people only stay on your website for an average of eight seconds. But if you have a video on your website, people stay on your website for about two minutes.

Increasing your ranking on Google makes it more likely that people will find your website when they search for related keywords. Thus, a higher ranking increases the amount of people who buy your products and services.

Plus, consider the appeal of YouTube videos that have been viewed billions of times online. If your video is unique enough and engaging enough, your video can get shared and viewed by thousands of people online.

4. Gets Your Message Across Quickly and Easily

Most people won’t buy something if it doesn’t quickly capture their attention. In fact, people usually leave a web page if it doesn’t clearly convey its values and purpose within ten seconds.

If you want to quickly convey information about a product or service, consider an animated video. Through an animated video, you can explain the product or service in a short time frame. For recommended video lengths, see our Infographic: Your Video Roadmap.

Plus, your ability to pair spoken information with customized visuals helps your viewers better grasp the message you’re trying to convey. Explainer videos using whiteboards and typography are a good way to convey the key points about your products or services.

Using animated videos is a great way to introduce your company to others. Through an animated video, you can sell products or services, convey information, or simply introduce your business. More importantly, an animated video helps you connect with your customers on a personal level in a way you can’t with other mediums.

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