Not sure if you’re ready to create a video? Our team at Silverback Creative Solutions Group recommends that you wait until you’re ready to make a good-quality video rather than make a bad one right now. Companies often approach us before they know what they want and need in a video as we can help. Since we want you to have the best video possible, we’ve compiled a handy list of questions to ask yourself before officially kicking off your video production project.

Do you have an existing product?

We understand that videos are often needed as proofs of concept for investors or for crowdfunding purposes, and we are definitely used to using some smoke and mirrors on set and in the edit bay.

However, if you only have a preliminary prototype, the question you should ask yourself is this: Does my prototype do my ultimate product justice, or does it make me cringe? Don’t spend money on a video if you don’t like your prototype.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a prototype yet, the question you should ask is this: Am I willing to pay extra for the video production service to make a mock-up? Mock-ups will require a longer lead time and a larger budget in every case.

Have you narrowed the creative down to one type of video?

Having a collection of reference videos you like isn’t necessarily the same as knowing what kind of video you want to make right now. Imagine asking someone what they want for lunch only to have them rattle off every meal they’ve ever liked. That answer won’t get you anywhere fast. We love coming up with creative ideas for our clients, but if you don’t know what you want then we’re just taking stabs in the dark. And in order to keep your video on time and on budget, we can’t risk stabs in the dark.

Do you have the money for the video you really want?

Set yourself and your video production service up for success. If you want a feast for $1, you won’t get a feast and will have wasted $1. Double disappointment.

Are you satisfied with the current branding of your company?

We want to give you a video with a long shelf-life and to do that, your company must know itself. If your company’s voice or overall style changes after your video is made, there’s little that can be done to extend the lifespan of that particular video. Fonts, logos, and graphics can be updated in an ad, but require additional time and money. If there is a rebranding on the horizon, it’s better to hold off.

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