As a special holiday treat for our customers—past, present, and future—the Silverback Video team joyfully put together an animated short video. Inspired by the Winter snow, the concept came to us quickly: Not just snowmen, but snow monsters.

Putting that concept into action, of course, means we pulled up our sleeves and put in some elbow grease. Luckily, we have a proven process as our guide. Like all videos, no matter how simple, we began with a script. This video relies heavily on action as opposed to dialogue or voiceover, so that script was translated into a storyboard. Scripts and storyboards are essential communication tools to make sure our animators are all on the same page.

With that solid base, our artists then developed the characters, rigged them for action, and used character animation software to create lifelike movement. Our animation department worked closely together to finesse each scene. Artful sound design adds a sense of whimsy and pulls the now complete story together. The last step... send it out out into the world to be enjoyed by people like you.

Watch it here, then tell us what you think!

Give your customers the gift of clarity. Video shows AND tells your message with an immediacy that no other medium can match. It is a highly versatile tool. Think explainer videos, product features, training projects, or "just for fun" animations—like this one—that entertain and reinforce your brand. Reach out to get started.

Video Trivia: The concept for this animated short film was developed in about 20 minutes.


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