Industrial Video Production


Whether your company is small or large, we're here to cater to your manufacturing video requirements. Our team of skilled videographers, cinematographers, animators, writers, and editors are experts in their fields and recognize the significance of delivering high-quality industrial video content. 


At Silverback Creative Solutions Group in St. Louis, MO, we're passionate about our work and take pride in creating exceptional industrial video productions for our clients. We stand firmly behind our work and strive to provide the utmost quality in every production. Our experienced production teams will bring your vision to life. 

What Does Industrial Video Production Entail?

Industrial video production involves creating video content tailored for specific industries and target audiences. It prioritizes conveying information or behaviors over artistic expression. These videos serve diverse purposes in industries, including fundraising, education, and marketing. Companies utilize industrial videos to introduce products, offer usage instructions, train employees, articulate their vision, and more. 

Industrial video production encompasses four key stages: 

  1. Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Post-production
  4. Distribution

At Silverback Creative Solutions Group, we have dedicated experts at each stage of the process, ensuring your industrial video production meets the highest standards for your corporate needs.

The Pre-Production Stage

In industrial video production, the crucial pre-production phase marks the planning stage. When you contact our administrative team, our experts gather essential information such as the video's purpose, initial scripts, location preferences, and specific requirements. This thorough planning ensures a seamless and efficient production process, guaranteeing that your video aligns precisely with your company's needs.

The Production Stage

Upon gathering your information, we assemble the right crew and equipment, including high-quality cameras and lighting gear. At your chosen location, we set up thoroughly to ensure flawless industrial video production, meeting all your needs for a seamless and magical filming experience.

The Post-Production Stage

Upon concluding the shoot, we return to Silverback Creative Solutions Group to commence the editing process, dedicated to perfecting your industrial video production into a flawless masterpiece that aligns with your vision. Following final revisions, we'll reach out to you for approval.

The Distribution Stage

Once we receive your approval, we will send you the physical copy of your production. Your distinctive industrial video is now crafted and prepared to attract more customers to your business. It effectively communicates your identity and showcases your company's capabilities to consumers, investors, and competitors. 

We are Experienced in Industrial Video Production

Our collective comprises a creative agency with a team of marketing experts, producers, directors, designers, editors, animators, and sound engineers who possess extensive experience and expertise. We can create compelling and distinctive solutions that facilitate your engagement and communication with your specific audience.

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