Today, there’s no denying that corporate videography has become a great tool for many people to promote their business. It offers a smart way to introduce your brand and explain your offerings in an engaging and attractive way.

This guide goes over corporate video production services in-depth and equips you with information on what it looks like and common types to choose from.

What is a Corporate Video?

Simply put, corporate videos are made by a company to communicate a message for a business. They’re meant to grab the target audience’s attention and keep them engaged. These videos could be anything from advertisements, explainer videos, product demonstrations, and event videos. But their goal is to give an audience a clear message and receive an outcome, whether that’s boosting sales, brand recognition, or improving employee engagement.

What Do Corporate Video Production Services Look Like?

There is typically a three-stage process for corporate video production. It goes as follows:

  • Pre-production: In this phase, the concept and script are developed, and the budget and timeline are established.
  • Production: During this stage, the video is filmed.
  • Post-production: In this last phase, experts will edit and color-correct the video. This is where sounds and effects might also be added.

What Does a Corporate Videographer Do?

A corporate videographer specializes in producing videos for businesses. Their responsibilities are recording events, getting footage around the company, creating marketing videos, and setting up interviews with key people.

There are many options for corporate videographers, but those who work in a video production company have experience creating high-quality videos and can provide you with a result that is worth the investment.

Types of Corporate Videos

There are several types of corporate videos to choose from. Here are three of the most common ones:

1. Explainer Video

    These types of marketing videos are designed to explain a product or service clearly and engagingly. You can normally find these videos on the websites or product pages of companies. In an easily digestible manner, they grab the attention of viewers, explain information to them, and address their needs.

    2. Event Video

    Holding a special event such as a conference, exhibition, or live performance makes for a great event video. They are very effective for marketing and branding and help your brand stand out in a crowded market. Using the services of a corporate video production company is a great way to highlight your event and reach potential customers.

    3. Advertisement

    An advertisement promotes a product or service. These are typically quite short, ranging anywhere between 15 seconds to 2 minutes. Their goal is to grab the attention of a viewer and convince them to purchase your product or service.

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