Miranda from Vivayic

eLearning Solutions Provider

“We’re not video experts, we’re learning designers. We work with corporate and nonprofit educational clients to develop learning solutions for them. Those range from elearning to instructional-led training.

One of the things we’ve worked with Silverback on is coming up with a new way for learners to immerse themselves into a video experience where they’re not just watching a scenario play out. At certain points they’re able to hop into the shoes of someone they’re watching and make a decision. And then get feedback on that decision.

If we have a really clear idea in mind they’re able to take that and really help it come to life. But if we need some assistance with the creative part of it they’re able to jump in on that, too, and help out. Super collaborative and supportive of helping us execute those visions. So we’re able to focus in on the instructional design and leave it to the video professionals to make that magic come to life on screen.

I would absolutely recommend Silverback Video to anyone who’s wanting to work video into the project that they’re doing and wants a professional and collaborative partner to do so with. They’re a trusted partner of ours and we have really great experiences working with them on video.”


Thank you, Miranda!


The main services provided for this elearning customer include: Video production, elearning design, graphic design, animation, and creative direction.


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