Serving St. Louis and Surrounding Areas


Silverback Video has always been known as the place to go for top quality video, animation and sound. With the addition of long-time marketer Jeff Jensen, Silverback is also your first choice for marketing and advertising in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas. Jeff, a client-turned-employee, adds his years of marketing experience to the services offered by Silverback.

We’re all about finding the right fit.

Let Silverback create and execute your marketing strategy with an approach that blends traditional and digital to fit your unique needs. In addition to our powerhouse of video services, we offer this full slate of marketing and advertising services:

  • Creative design: Branding, web, brochures, ads, product packaging, the whole shebang.
  • Media buys: TV, radio, web, other ad placement.
  • Special events: All aspects of event planning and marketing, including live streaming.

To best benefit our customers—and their budget—this strategic “under one roof” offering of services eliminates the need for hiring multiple companies to complete a campaign.

Target your audience.

We don’t just tell your story, we communicate your brand values to attract a following of loyal customers. Reach them where they are with targeted campaigns. Silverback is ready to help your company be seen!

Contact Jeff Jensen at 866.828.8384 to get started on your next comprehensive marketing plan.


Objective: Develop corporate fundraising effort to offset festival expenditures and launch a mass marketing awareness campaign to increase public turnout.

Solution: Silverback’s Jeff Jensen put a fundraising package to work targeting 400 A-list companies in addition to an employee “Tees for Troops” program. With a marketing plan including PR, TV and radio spots, billboards, community posters, website, and social, Jeff aimed to reach a wide audience of potential attendees.

Results: Over $200K in promotional elements and support were raised from Anheiser-Busch, Schnucks Markets, Wehrenberg Theaters, retailers, and individuals. Local news all covered the event, which saw over 50 times the attendees as the previous year!



Whether you need assistance with a single campaign or your whole marketing plan, take advantage of Silverback's full service marketing and advertising services now. Reach out to our team to get started.