Jen from Manor Grove

Senior Living Facility

“One of my favorite things about working with Silverback is that every member of the team is so easy to work with! Everyone is so knowledgeable. It’s a very good environment to be in. Everybody is just fantastic!

When you guys came out with our commercials… the different shots that you took, the different setups that you guys came up with were beautiful! They were a good look into Manor Grove that people would not have ever seen otherwise.

Soup’s On is our largest community outreach. We have it every February. I go to expos all year long where we go and promote the home and there is not one single expo where someone doesn’t come up to me and say, ‘Hey! You guys are the ones who put on that Soup’s On!.’ Yep, that’s us!.

Without Silverback Soup’s On would not be possible. Between getting the restaurants, generating all the marketing materials, contacts for the facility that we use… All of the resources that we use for that event come from Silverback.”


Thank you, Jen!


The main services provided for this senior living customer include: Marketing & advertising with event management and video production.


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