Rebecca from FCTI, Inc.

Nationwide ATM Network

“It was really easy working with Silverback. I delivered our storyboard and script, and the team got really excited about it, which was fantastic! Their energy was on par with what we were feeling. I think that really fed into the animation.

A big part of building “Goldilocks” was the character development. My department built out the characters, themselves, without the visuals, so we knew how people were related to each other: What they liked, what they didn’t like, what their jobs were at Goldilocks Financial. We tried to communicate that as much as possible to the video team because knowing who the characters were helps inform how they should look.

I was really surprised to only have to get one voice talent. In the past when I worked with video with other companies I had to sift through several to find the right one, but the gentleman that [Silverback] found was fantastic. He understood the characters and how they should sound, and how to narrate a story like it’s a kid’s book to go along with the story really well. He just knocked it out of the park right away.”


Thank you, Rebecca!


The main services provided for this ATM network customer include: 2D animation with character design and development


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