Showing your audience with video is an essential tool to showcase any company's unique product. In the case of Schutt Sports, their goal is to clearly demonstrate to their audience how to properly fit their football helmets. Using video, green screen, animation, and sound design, Silverback Video created an in-depth, visually engaging video that includes all the essential information a player, parent, or coach needs to know before using their product.

Video Trivia: The example shown here is part of a series of videos produced that showcase each of Schutt Sport's helmet product lines. When working in a series, it's important to keep a consistent look and feel in the graphics as well as type of shot during video production.


Intelica: Lee Biosolutions

Intelica is more than a real-estate company. They are a partner providing turnkey solutions for the successful growth of their tenants—like Lee Biosoutions. With...

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Bypass Surgery: The Procedure

When it comes to matters of the heart—the 3D animated heart, that is—Silverback Video’s animators are at the top of their game! Professional 3D...

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Healthy Diet: Salmon

Silverback Video created this clear, easy to understand medical video to demonstrate how to maintain a healthy diet following a diabetes diagnosis. Using a...

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