Bommarito Nissan – Ballwin

If you’ve paid attention to local St. Louis radio or TV, you’re familiar with the Bommarito family of dealerships. Silverback worked with this regional and national leader in auto sales to produce a series of website spots promoting their Fast Pass program, an innovative new way to buy your next car. Video Trivia: We also helped […]

Novus Arkansas

Little Rock, AK, is the only place that makes Mintrex, the flagship of Novus International’s line of chelated trace mineral products. The promise of a guided plant tour brings producers and researchers from around the world to see how Novus has refined its industrial process for maximum quality. We shot two very full days at […]

GCS Commercial

To commemorate its 75th anniversary, GCS Credit Union asked Silverback to have some fun with the acronym “GCS”. The result was this :30 commercial that combines whiteboard animation with some live action comedy. Video Trivia: No bears were harmed during production. IF YOU LIKED THAT, YOU’LL LOVE THESE… “YEP, I’M READY FOR VIDEO” At this […]

Gilmour Hose

The last hose you’ll ever buy. For this product demo, we mixed on-location shooting (in 4K) with 3D animatics to showcase the science behind Gilmour’s long-lasting hose. Video Trivia: The dramatic shaking dog shot was captured at 240 frames per second. IF YOU LIKED THAT, YOU’LL LOVE THESE… “YEP, I’M READY FOR VIDEO” At this […]

Altered Grounds

Time-lapse productions aren’t for the faint of patience. We’ve spent days, weeks and months capturing images by the minute, hour and day to create stunning time-lapses for a variety of projects. This is an example from our Altered Grounds series. Video Trivia: This is Silverback founder and CEO Kevin Depew’s backyard. IF YOU LIKED THAT, […]

Genesis II

“You lose a tooth, you get it replaced. You can’t hear, you get a hearing aid.” For this Genesis II Hair Replacement testimonial, pilot Sid explains the benefits of his new hair. Video Trivia: This video was produced for a consortium of hair replacement studios nationwide. IF YOU LIKED THAT, YOU’LL LOVE THESE… “YEP, I’M […]

Powell Square Demolition

In 2013, the historic Powell Square warehouse was demolished over the course of two months. We maintained three GoPro rigs to capture the process, which involved climbing rooftops and utility ladders for great views of the city skyline during a snowstorm. Video Trivia: Our crew maneuvered a fire-damaged roof three days a week to replace […]

Elsevier Nursing Skills

For Elsevier’s Nursing Skills Training program, we produced 120 videos to teach nurses-in-training 120 skills vital to their profession. This video teaches nurses how to properly check a patient’s breathing. Video Trivia: For any aspiring actors out there, we pay double for procedures that involve the body’s delicate areas. IF YOU LIKED THAT, YOU’LL LOVE […]

STL Magazine Excellence in Nursing

Each year, St. Louis Magazine honors area nurses through a nomination process. In 2015, our team interviewed ten of the nominees, and ten of their co-workers, to give an in-depth look at the personalities and histories of these incredible medical professionals. Video Trivia: We shot b-roll in ten different St. Louis hospitals in three days. […]

Doctor Care America

Listen, diagnose, prescribe. To provide easy access to healthcare, Doctor Care America gives patients the chance to work with a doctor via teleconference. This video depicts how the service works. We shot on-location at a patient’s home and in our medical studio. Video Trivia: The teleconference effect was created using a combination of video compositing […]