FCTI, a nationwide ATM operator, needed a video as part of a marketing campaign to raise awareness about what makes their MBA ATM program unique. They came in with a great fairy tale concept and script, then left it to Silverback to develop the 2D character animation. In the end, they were thrilled with the final video... and everyone lived happily ever after (until our next video project!)

Video Trivia: Our client loved the 2D character design so much that they decided to create stuffed animals out of the main characters as a part of their marketing campaign!

Do you have a 2D character animation in mind? Let us know. We'd be happy to bring your character to life.


F.A.R.E. Healthcare Overview

 This F.A.R.E Healthcare video is as much a product overview video as it is about education. That is why Silverback unites live action...

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AT&T Small Cell Missouri

 First, what is small cell technology? Small cells are like mini cell sites that can be placed where they're needed most. They serve...

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Spreading Holiday Cheer
Spreading Holiday Cheer

Animated Short Film

 As a special holiday treat for our customers—past, present, and future—the Silverback Video team joyfully put together an animated short video. Inspired by...

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