3D animation really gets our pulse racing!

This medical video snippet offers a preview of the capabilities of 3D modeling to show what the camera can’t see. Silverback Video animators modeled the human heart by referencing nearly as many diagrams and anatomical medical illustrations as your heart beats per minute! Well, maybe not quite that extent, though this does demonstrate the attentiveness high-quality medical 3D modeling requires. Like a surgeon, precision is key… unlike a surgeon, our animators have the freedom to “play with the heart” until they get it just right.

Just as important as the model, the humanizing element is the simple heartbeat pulsing with the model brought to life by our sound engineers.

Video Trivia: If you use an average of 80 beats per minute, your heart beats about 4,800 times per hour. That's a whopping 115,200 times daily!


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