FARE Healthcare Product Overview Video | Silverback Video

F.A.R.E. Healthcare Overview

 This F.A.R.E Healthcare video is as much a product overview video as it is about education. That is why Silverback unites live action video production with infographic-style motion graphics and animation. The live action portion steps into the shoes of the employee and employer (the target audience for the video) to tell the story […]

AT&T Small Cells | Silverback Video

AT&T Small Cell Missouri

 First, what is small cell technology? Small cells are like mini cell sites that can be placed where they’re needed most. They serve small areas in communities—think a few city blocks—with flexible, inconspicuous equipment. AT&T makes it possible to blend technology with life in a small community. Festus, Missouri is a perfect example. The […]

Silverback Video - Animated Short Film

Spreading Holiday Cheer

 As a special holiday treat for our customers—past, present, and future—the Silverback Video team joyfully put together an animated short video. Inspired by the Winter snow, the concept came to us quickly: Not just snowmen, but snow monsters. Putting that concept into action, of course, means we pulled up our sleeves and put in […]

My American Farm: Drones Educational Video Production

My American Farm: Drones, Satellites, & Sensors

 This client needed educational video production for a campaign to teach kids how technology is used to meet the challenges of farming today. This video asks “How do farmers produce more food with fewer resources?”. The answer is described through farmers, scientists, and engineers. They show how their job utilizes technology—like drones, satellites, and […]

WATCONNECT 3D Animated Design


Watlow was unveiling an exciting new control panel product, WATCONNECT®, to their customers and needed a stunning introductory video for their marketing. With a mix of 3D animation design, live action footage, and high quality custom music, Silverback created a video that builds a sense of excitement in the audience. It highlights the versatility of […]

Goldilocks and the Three ATM Solutions 2D Character Animation

Goldilocks and the Three ATM Solutions

FCTI, a nationwide ATM operator, needed a video as part of a marketing campaign to raise awareness about what makes their MBA ATM program unique. They came in with a great fairy tale concept and script, then left it to Silverback to develop the 2D character animation. In the end, they were thrilled with the […]

Foreign Trade Zone 31 Overview Explainer Video

Foreign Trade Zone 31 Overview

What is a foreign trade zone? If you’re not in the industry, understanding the complexities of a foreign trade zone can be a challenge. FTZ 31 needed an explainer video to educate and attract manufacturing businesses to their zone. Silverback took on the challenge wholeheartedly from script to delivery. We literally transport the viewer across […]

SippTech Product Spotlight Trade Show Video

SippTech Product Spotlight

SAK Construction wanted to showcase a new pipeline infrastructure product at their booth for an upcoming trade show. They needed an eye catching trade show video produced that demonstrated how the robotic lining system repairs broken water lines. With 3D modeling and 3D animation, Silverback went to work on a video to fulfill their need […]

Silverback Video TruFlame How It Works

Empire TruFlame

3D animation puts you anywhere. For Empire Comfort Systems, a designer/manufacturer of fireplaces in Belleville, IL, Silverback Video artists collaborated with brand experts to create 3D versions of Empire’s products. This made it possible for viewers to pass through walls and see inside the engineering that keeps you warm at night. IF YOU LIKED THAT, […]

Silverback Video - Altenheim Testimonial 2

Altenheim Boutique Senior Living

When it comes to choosing a senior living community, learning from the experience of others is a great tool in making a decision. Watch this testimonial to hear why this family finds the Altenheim to be a perfect fit for their loved one. Video Trivia: No eagles were harmed in the making of this video. […]