How to use Animation for Business - Silverback Video

How to use Animation for Business… with sample videos!

Our article Promote Your Business with Animated Video covered why using animation for business is a smart move. Now let’s dive into how you can use animation to benefit your business. The nature of animation is invention. This makes it a highly versatile tool. Experienced artists construct 2-dimensional (2D) or 3-dimensional (3D) graphic elements that […]

Your Video Roadmap Blog Post

INFOGRAPHIC: Your Video Roadmap

Plotting Your Trip to Reach Your Video Goals Unless you’ve just time traveled from the past in a DeLorean, you’re aware that video has quickly become essential to your marketing strategy. Before racing right into your video content, it’s a good idea to consider viewing habits of your target audience. Thinking about where your video […]

Go Commercial with Silverback Video

Go Commercial with Silverback Video

Traditional commercial spots are not a thing of the past. Have you considered all the options for your next commercial? Think about what you remember from the last commercial you saw. Is it the visuals, the story, the actors? Was there a moment that made you laugh, or cry? The next time you interact with […]

Using Professional Videos on Social Media

Quick Hits: Using Professional Videos on Social Media

Put the selfie stick away and really think about your next post on social media. Social media offers an instant way to connect with potential customers, but your business can really thrive with a little planning. Videos are great ways to promote your business, but they shouldn’t be done on your phone. By consulting and […]

Promotional Video

3 Inspirational Sources for Promotional Videos

A company video is a highly effective way to market your business because videos are able to connect with people on multiple levels. To have a truly successful promotional video, though, you must first have a story that people identify with. If you’re planning on promoting your business through video, here are some places you […]