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INFOGRAPHIC: 3D Animation Workflow

It’s Just Like Building a House 3D animation is everywhere these days. So much that we often take it for granted. Have you ever watched the credits after an animated movie? If so, you’ve probably noticed that the list goes on… and on… and ooon! A lot of work goes into an animation to make […]

How to use Animation for Business - Silverback Video

How to use Animation for Business… with sample videos!

Our article Promote Your Business with Animated Video covered why using animation for business is a smart move. Now let’s dive into how you can use animation to benefit your business. The nature of animation is invention. This makes it a highly versatile tool. Experienced artists construct 2-dimensional (2D) or 3-dimensional (3D) graphic elements that […]

Video Glossary: Common Video Production Terminology

What’s a gaffer? Can one “NURB” out? Did B-roll get cut from the A-team? Video production terminology can be complicated if you’re not in the industry. Whether you’re a video veteran or your company is just starting to work with a video production partner, this ever-expanding glossary might hold some useful gems. May this common […]

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Write a Script for a Video

7 Quick Script Writing Tips This infographic provides insights on how to write a script for a video. Specifically, it hits on seven main points that will guide you through the process. Fun fact: The sample depicted in the infographic is a real life script for a medical client’s educational video. Look over the tips, […]

Your Video Roadmap Blog Post

INFOGRAPHIC: Your Video Roadmap

Plotting Your Trip to Reach Your Video Goals Unless you’ve just time traveled from the past in a DeLorean, you’re aware that video has quickly become essential to your marketing strategy. Before racing right into your video content, it’s a good idea to consider viewing habits of your target audience. Thinking about where your video […]

what to expect when creating your first video | silverback video

What To Expect When Creating Your First Video

Have you finally decided to create a video for your business? If so, you may be wondering how the whole process will work. If you are concerned about writing the check and having the next thing you see be the finished video, know that there are plenty of places in the process to give approvals […]