How St. Louis Altenheim Increased Occupancy by 90% Allowing the Expansion of its Facility


Located in South City St. Louis, overlooking the Mississippi on the historical bluffs, Altenheim has provided senior living for more than a century. Over the years, the historical landmark had experienced a significant drop in occupancy and the neighborhood was deteriorating.

A branding strategy did not exist. Marketing materials were inconsistent in message and appearance and did not target the appropriate audience. The levels of senior care were improperly advertised and credibility had not been established.


The Silverback team initiated a research study with current residents and families, plus prospects that visited but chose another facility. The study uncovered unique features that attract residents to Altenheim:

  • One-of-a-kind location with a scenic view overlooking the majestic Mississippi
  • City location that feels like the country
  • Free-standing residence—not part of a large chain
  • Homelike atmosphere
  • One-on-one personalized care with all-inclusive pricing (atypical of most senior living residences)
  • Short driving time—located just 20 minutes or less from anywhere in St. Louis

Our strategy was to overcome objectives and give people what they wanted to see and should know about Altenheim, plus the unique features that make this residence stand out from its competition.

To complete Altenheim’s new branding strategy the literal representation of its identity included: new logo design, collateral materials, website development and lamppost banners. We launched a full-blown marketing campaign using the full marketing mix of print, radio, television, outdoor advertising, PR and direct mail, all bearing consistent messaging and graphic look.

Credibility was established with testimonial videos and ads from a resident’s five grown children. Each family member delivered a message on the benefits of living at the Altenheim that reinforced the brand strategy. Five radio and television spots were produced and rotated equally on select radio and TV stations targeting the Altenheim audience during a flighted 12-month advertising schedule.



Interested applicants skyrocketed. Occupancy increased to more than 90%. Because of the increase in residency, plans were developed to renovate an entire floor and expand Altenheim’s skilled care center.



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