What are you looking at?

We ask because it matters. In today's digital media landscape, everyone is watching. That's why video is one of the most powerful and proven ways to reach your audience. 'What are you looking at?' focuses attention on the possibilities of a partnership with a video production company like Silverback Video. Our team of producers, directors, designers, artists, animators and engineers has been working together for over a decade.

  • Our producers develop projects that enhance your message.
  • Our artists create mind-blowing graphics and animation.
  • Our photographers and videographers use the latest gear to capture stunning images.
  • Our mobile production unit takes the show on the road.

As a full-service production company that specializes in video, animation and live events, Silverback knows the difference a professional video can make. From our facility in St. Louis, MO, we deliver professional video projects at the highest professional standard, and we're committed to collaborative, detail-oriented relationships with customers who value creativity and consistency. It's our job to make sure you're looking at high-quality work that makes a difference.

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